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Official Webpage of David Garrett

Deutsche Klassik Agentur: Weigold & Böhm

UK Management: TMMP

Deutsches Label: Deag music

US Label: Decca ; Decca Records

TV Promotion: Medienbüro Elke Krüger

Event Veranstalter:

Deag Classics
Handwerker Promotion
Rober Gilder
Semmel Concerts
Konzertbüro Schoneberg
Mark Stephan Buhl


Juilliard School of Music

Itzhak Perlman
Ida Haendel
Yehudi Menuhin


Unesco Video (in Facebook!)

Promotion Video for the USA Tour 2010

Pre-Video "Wetten dass...?"

Kleiner Beitrag Konzert im Audimax Regensburg

Interview Singapur

Thurn & Taxis Schlossfestpiele, Report
US TV: David performing Smooth Criminal
US TV: David perfromig "Flight of the Bumble Bee
US Interview and a tease of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir"
Name that tune (03.06.2009)
Arena of Pop, inkl. Interview
Verleihung goldene Feder
Interview 14.05.2009
Nürnberg 25.05.2009
Smooth Criminal Cover
Video of Hongkong
Stargeiger auf Tour
EPK - Live in Berlin
Das EPK Video von "Live in Berlin" (Windows Media Player!)
The "Making of Sony advert" video!
Rehearsal "Music of the Night"
Rehearsal "Csardas"
Fabulous Fiddler (NDR/MDR/TTT report in english!)
David Garrett performance at the Classical Brits 2008
Another Interview with David at the Classical Brit Awards
10 questions to David (German TV - ZDF)
Shooting in Paris 2007 with Cosma Shieva Hagen (Download)
Niels Ruf Show - 18.04.2008 (Download -> Rightclick, save as)
David im RadioInterview (Windows Media Player)
David Garrett in Moskau - Genio Award - 12.03.2008
[ger] Exclusiv - David Garrett, Geiger & Frauenschwarm - 20.03.2008
German Interview with a lots of questions to David (ger - U21)
BBC Breakfast - 15.02.2008 - David playing the Stradivari of Milan!
Amazon EPK Video for Virtuoso UK
A small promotion video by TGcom
Video of an interview at
Italian video - Accedi al video in alta qualità per connessioni veloci (Windows Media Player!)

Videoplayer with great videos of Itzhak Perlman, incl. Masterclass

More live videos with David at Youtube
More live videos with David at Yahoo

Radio / Interviews:

Chicago Public Radio 23.03.2010

German Interview - Radio Bremen

German Interview - Hoerbar Rust, 1 hour!

BBC Proms in the Park with David Garrett; 13.09.2008

Older exclusiv interview with David Garrett

Interview with David Garrett by Alex Belfield

Short Interview (1:30) at the Classical Brits

17.03.2008 - Profil - David Garrett "Wundergeiger mit 2. Karriere (Download)

Radio Interview - Hongkong - 24.09.2007

Classic FM Interview ~22.03.2008

BBC4 Interview - 13.03.2008

German Radio Interview from the 18th march 2008

Short radio interview (only 1,5 min) with David.

Interview with Classic FM at 07.03.08    Pagelink

BBC Interview

German RadioInterview with David Garrett at SWR3 (14 min)

German RadioInterview with David at SWR2 (~6 min) at 01.02.2008

Photos (copyrighted!!!):
(Hint: Sometimes the link will bring you only to the mainpage. You have to type "David Garrett" or the Eventname into Suche/Search !!!)

Permanent Foto links (search machines for press photos):

Photographers of David Garrett:
Sascha Kramer

Different photo links:
A few pics of Davids performance at the Oprah Show, February 22,2010
Photos of the Touareg Promo Show, 10.02.2010
Little Gallery with photos of David Garrett
David Garrett at the NY Fashion Week 2010
Older pic of David visiting a school
Fotostrecke Konzert Magdeburg Jan. 2010
Fotos Konzert Bremerhaven Jan. 2010
Ein paar Fotos vom Konzert Hamburg Jan. 2010
Noch mehr aus Hamburg
Und noch einemal Hamburg
Kleine Fotostrecke
Fotostrecke Konzert Weimar Jan. 2010

"Goldene Kamera Photos" 30.01.2010:
A complete Picture Gallery;
Afterschow pictures here and here;
Daylife photos 1 and 2;
at "RP Online" Pic 13 and 14;
at the "Morgenpost" Pic14;
here at "Gettyimages";
also at Picturedesk (type David Garrett into the search);
Pic 10 at the "BZ Berlin";
David & his brother you will see here ;
another one at"Spiegel online";
a complete gallery of the awarding you will find here;
a few press photos at "Belga" (type David Garrett into the search!);
7 more photos now at "Life";
another nice pic of David at the "IVZ-Online";
a great photo of David here;
2 more in the gallery of "Bild";
and of course a lots of very nice photos you can find in the gallery of the "GOLDENE KAMERA" !

Carmen Nebel Weihnachtsshow 2009

Photos of the press conferences in Hamburg, Köln & Berlin, Unesco Gala, Encore Promotion and more (October/November 2008)
Gallery 1
Gallery 2 ("David Garrett" or "Unesco Gala" in "search")
Gallery 3
Gallery 4 (DG into search)
Gallery 5
Gallery 6 (DG into search)
Gallery 7
Photoshooting in Berlin
Gallery 8
Gallery 9
Gallery 10
Gallery 11
Gallery 12 (pic 25 & 38)
Gallery 13

David at the Radio Interview Radio Bremen

Echo Klassik Award; 19.11.2008:
Different pics of the Echo awarding, TV shows and more
David at the Echo awarding and a press conference
Misc photos of the Echo awarding
More photos of the Echo awarding
And more of the Echo awarding

Dreamball Gala, Berlin, Germany on 18th September 2008:
Link 1 || Link 2 || Link 3 || Link 4 || Link 5 (also pic 27) || Link 6 (photo 4) || Link 7 || Link 8 || Link 9(pic 13)

Another gallery with many photos of David, Dreamball, Proms in the Park, Nachtmusik, Montblanc, and so on! (type his name in "search")

Type his name into search to see more different photos at This gallery.

Photos of the private concert of Montblanc:
Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3

Photoshooting for on 14th May 2008 (Gastzugang, type David Garret in Suche)

Gallery with different pics of David (type his name into "Suche)

Fotoshooting Bert Spangemacher

Another David Garrett Gallery

Montegrappa Creativo Award - Moskau 2008

Concert photos 2008 of David

Aftershow pics of "Carmen Nebel"

just another Photogallery of David

Photos of the José Carreras Gala, December 2008

Very much pics of David at TV Shows, Live Concerts and more
(Type "David Garrett" in search (Schnellsuche) and enter (LOS))

Photos - Concert Munich - 16.03.2008

Photos - Concert Munich - 16.03.2008

A lots of pictures of the Rainbow awarding:

Pictures of David Garrett & Jonathan Ansell in the Hardrock Cafe in London, 04th march 2008

Photos shooting Valentines day with David and the Stradivari replacement of Milan!

SLR Photos - Press Agency

Great pictures of Hong Kong - "Harbour City" - 16th april 2007 by Man Lui
(thx for the permission)
More photos of Hong Kong - "Harbour City" - by Donald Chin
(thx for the permission!)
And again - Pics of Hongkong

A few pics of NotP 2002

CD Reviews:

Pure Ecstasy

Virtuoso UK

Pure Classics - by Askonas Holt

24 Caprices - Paganini - by BBC

Classical Album No1 (UK), Track 19 - David Garrett; Bumble Bee @ Amazon

Other Pages:

Profile at Classic FM

Hacken Lee News september 2007
Hacken Lee News october 2007
Hacken lee News november 2007

This Page at Myspace (no official Myspace page of David Garrett!!!)

Another Fanpage of David Garrett


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